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Welcome to Sunnywood Farm

Farmstead Dairy Goats and Heritage Hogs in Maine!

farm with cordwood houseSunnywood Farm is a 10-acre smallholding in beautiful Unity, Maine. Our emphasis is on raising livestock suitable for farmstead or "family foodstead" food production. We breed and raise Nigerian Dwarf and Mini-Oberhasli dairy goats, as well as American Guinea Hogs: the homestead Yard Pig of America's past.

Farmstead Breeds

Heritage and farmstead breeds are easy keepers; they are hardy, generally more resistant to parasites and diseases, and thrive outdoors on rough forage. They are well suited to a sustainable farmstead environment. In addition, raising heritage breeds helps to conserve important genetic diversity, preserve our agricultural heritage, and ensure farming options for our future.

pasture and fenceHolistic Approach

We raise our animals as holistically and sustainably as possible. Our health management approach emphasizes good nutrition, fresh air and sunshine, fresh pasture and browse, and elective access to shelter from the elements. While we do not limit our options when stronger treatments are called for, our animals have responded well to the herbal and homeopathic treatments that are our first choice. Because a signficant portion of our food comes from this farm, we are ever aware that we are what our animals eat. Feeding ourselves well, while ensuring that our animals live really good lives, are twin priorities.

Farmstead Goats & Homestead Hogs for Sale

We sell

> breeding- and milking-quality Nigerian Dwarf and Mini-Oberhasli does

> pet wethers and does

> breeding-quality American Guinea Hogs

> American Guinea Hog weaner piglets

Please contact us to see what we have available. 






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Note on livestock sales: we reserve the right to retain any animal for any reason at any time.
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